TD-101 / TD-211 / TD-311

 This system is used for cutting metal blanks sized for R20 and R14 dry batteries and it is assembled of Sheet feeder(TD-101),Tandem slitter(TD-211) and Blank piler(TD-311). Set the printed metal sheets in the Sheet feeder,the printed metal sheets are fed to the Tandem slitter(which is consist of the First slitter,the Turntable and the Second slitter) one by one. Going through the First slitter(cut to strips) and the Second slitter(cut to blanks),they are cut to the fixed blanks. The blanks are sent to the Blank piler and are piled up in the Stacker(capacity of piling up is 1,000-1,200 blanks). Then the blanks piled up are moved to the Body maker. When Tandem slitter and Sheet feeder are combined with this Blank piler,a series of operations(from feeding printed sheets to piling up blanks) are performed automatically.

  Auto-Manual control system is set in each machine,which enables all machines to operate automatically or to operate individually. And it is convenient for adjustment of each machine.

  For the slitting process for R6 and R03 size strips,the slitter line is assembled of Sheet feeder,Tandem slitter and Down stacker(TD-313). Tandem slitter is assembled of the First slitter(trim the both sides of metal sheets) and the Second slitter(cut to strips). Therefore,the Blank piler is not needed for making R6 and R03 size blank slitting process.

 Sheet Feeder TD-101
Capacity 6-25 sheets/min
MAX Loading Capacity 1500 kg
MAX Loading Heigh 400 mm
MAX loading Dimension 980 mm x 980 mm
Horse Poower Required 2 KVA
Air Required 100 l/min
Pressure Required 0.5 Mpa
Measurement 2.69 M3
Net Weight 1000 kg
 Tandem Slitter TD-211
Capacity 6-10 sheets/min
MAX Cutting Size 980 mm x 980 mm
Number of Cutter  1st: 7 sets
2nd: 14sets
MIN Width of Blank  1st: 65 mm
2nd: 85 mm
Horse Power Required 3 KVA
Measurement 13.13 M3
Net Weight 3200 kg
 Blank Piller TD-311
Capacity 5-8 strokes
Range of Accumulation (Width) 45 mm - 60 mm
Range of Accumulation (Length) 85 mm - 120 mm
Horse Power Required 1 KVA
Air Required 100 l/min
Pressure Required 0.5 Mpa
Measurement 1.36 M3
Net Weight 850 kg



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