TD-434 R6 / TD-436 R03
Jacket Production Process

  This Body maker line produces R6(UM-3) type dry battery metal jackets. Its maximum speed capacity is 350 pcs./min. Firstly,place the blanks punched by the Automatic press machine, into the Blank stacker of this Body maker(TD-434). Secondly,blanks are automatically fed to the Bumping stage one by one where the both sides of blanks are slightly bent as previous process,so that the blanks can be formed in cylindrical shapes correctly. Thirdly,blanks are fed to the Forming stage where the Cylinder forms bumped blanks perfect round shapes. Fourthly,formed metal jackets climb up the slope of the Elevator runway(TD-534) by the pitch belt and rolled down to Rotary flanger(TD-634) where one side of dry battery metal jackets is curled. Finally,completed metal jackets are one by one ejected from the Rotary flanger.

 Entire this Body maker line is operated either automatically or manually on the System line control panel. All types of mechanical troubles will be detected immediately by the sensors and will stop operation automatically.

  This Body maker line is designed for easy adjustment and easy maintenance.

  Body Maker
Elevator Runway
Rotary Flanger
TD-434/TD-436 Line
Production Capacity 350 cans/min.for TD-434
300 cans/min.for TD-436
- - 350 cans/min.for TD-434
300 cans/min.for TD-436
Horse Power Required 5.0 KVA - - 5.0 KVA
Air Required 300 l/min


- 300 l/min
Pressure Required 0.5 Mpa - - 0.5 Mpa
Height Overall 1200 mm 1750 mm 1460 mm 1750 mm
Floor Space Overall 1855 mm x 705mm 1400 mm x 500 mm 910 mm x 1300 mm 4165mm x 1300 mm
Measurement 1.57 M3 1.23 M3 1.73 M3 9.48 M3
Net Weight 1700 kg 100 kg 1080 kg 2880 kg


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