TD-711 R6R03

 This machine is used for blanking of R6 or R03 size dry battery metal jackets. Its maximum speed capasity is 220 strokes per minute. When strips cut by Tandem slitter are placed on the Strip stacker(whose stacking capacity is about 2,000 strips with thickness of 0.22mm) of this Automatic press machine,they are fed to the blanking die one by one automatically.
Also the automatic control system is built in,so troubles of double feeding and mold damage are prevented.
 Automatic Press TD-711
Production Capacity 220 strokes
Stroke Length 25.4 mm
Size Range of Can For R6 & R03 batteries
Horse Power Required 5 KVA
Air Required 150 l/min
Pressure Required 0.5 Mpa
Height Overall 1800 mm
Floor Space Overall 2100 mm x 2100 mm
Measurement 7.94 M3
Net Weight 2970 kg



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